Training This Week

So we’ve reached the part of the season in which we are racing consistently over the next few weeks. This includes the following events:

  • 5K Road Race – Jan 10th
  • Ocean Swim Race – Jan 14th
  • 5K Road Race – Jan 17th
  • Sprint Triathlon – Jan 27th
  • Off Road Triathlon – Feb 5th
  • Sprint Triathlon – Feb 10th
  • Sprint Triathlon – Mar 3rd

This is essentially 8 weeks of racing with some training only weeks mixed in there. I like to have 3 easy days prior to a race depending on whether I view the race as a “training” race or important race. The first 5K road race is not as important as the second race so I’ve left only 2 easy days prior.

Does swimming the day before a running only race work or not? Yes, but it’s important to make the swimming load a little less. I’ll focus mainly on technique and lengthen out the rest times between each set. I’ll also reduce the overall volume. You can also do an easy jog (maybe 30 mins) with 4 to 5 stride outs on the end just to keep the legs feeling fast the day before the race.

This Week

My training paces for this week are based upon a recent race time of 17:55 for a 5K race

Pace/1Km Pace/400m Pace/200m
Threshold 3:51 1:32 0:46
Interval 3:32 1:25 0:42
Reps 3:17 1:19 0:39
Day Training
Monday (AM/PM) Swimming

  • 350m warm up
  • 6x50m drill sets (10 sec rests)
  • 4x100m intervals pace (60 sec rests)
  • 2x50m sprint intervals set (20 sec rests)
  • 350m cool down
Tuesday (PM) – Race #1 (Running in the fun run event)
Wednesday (AM) Bike – 1 Hour 15 Minutes including 10 sets of (1min hard with 2 mins easy)
Wednesday (PM) Swimming

  • 350m warm up
  • 6x50m drill sets (10 sec rests)
  • 6x200m easy pace (10 sec rests)
  • 5x100m easy pace (5 sec rests)
  • 350m cool down
Thursday (AM) Running – 3 x 10mins @ Threshold pace with 2min rests
Thursday (PM) Calisthenics
Friday (AM) Bike – Ride 1 Hour easy
Saturday (AM) Ocean Swim Race – Timaru, 1.5KM event
Sunday (AM) Long easy run