Training This Week

The first sprint triathlon is done and dusted. A pleasing 3rd place for masters men and 12th overall. Even more pleasing was seeing my son back competing after some time off. He’s a vastly superior swimmer than me and put 2 1/2 minutes on me over just 400m so I had some catching up to do on the bike and run. I thought I would catch him until my calf cramped up going for the dismount off the bike. Fortunately a bit of a stretch by my running shoes and I was back in business. Nothing was held back on any of the disciplines and the cramp getting off the bike was testament to how hard I pushed myself.

The positives were certainly the bike and run, the negatives, I’m still too slow at swimming and spend the entire race playing catch-up. Although it’s nice passing people constantly, this also causes problems on the bike turn-arounds with slow cyclists blocking a speedier turn. With this in mind, I’m going to target some race/speed specific swimming and technique training for the next few weeks to try and get some more speed out of my swimming body!! I’m also dropping the off road triathlon on Feb 5th in favour of some more training in the form of another 5K road race…


  • 5K Road Race – Jan 10th – Time: 18:30 (too slow!!)
  • Ocean Swim Race – Jan 14th – Changed to Jan 18th
  • 5K Road Race – Jan 17th – Time: 18:30
  • 1K Ocean Swim Race – Jan 18th – Time: 21:00
  • Sprint Triathlon – Jan 27th – 3rd for Masters, 12th overall, Time 54:55
  • 5K Road Race – Feb 4th
  • Sprint Triathlon – Feb 10th
  • Sprint Triathlon – Mar 3rd

This Week

My training paces for this week are based upon a recent race time of 17:55 for a 5K race

Pace/1Km Pace/400m Pace/200m
Threshold 3:51 1:32 0:46
Interval 3:32 1:25 0:42
Reps 3:17 1:19 0:39
Day Training
Monday (AM) Bike – 1 Hour Hill Ride (300m + elevation gain)
Monday (PM) Swimming

  • 200m warm up
  • 4x50m drill sets (10 sec rests)
  • 6x25m sprint pace (15 sec rests)
  • 6x50m sprint pace (15 sec rests)
  • 4x25m sprint pace (10 sec rests)
  • 4x50m sprint pace (10 sec rests)
  • 200m cool down
Tuesday (AM) Running – 6 sets of (1.6K @ Threshold pace with 1min rests)
Wednesday (AM) Bike – 1hour 25mins including 6 sets of (3mins @ hard pace with 3min recoveries)
Wednesday (PM) Swimming – Repeat Monday Session
Thursday (AM/PM) Running – GDS Session (I’ll explain this in an article at some point!!)
Friday (AM) Bike – 1hour 35mins including 35mins @ threshold effort
Friday (PM) Swimming – Repeat Monday Session
Saturday (AM) Running – 5K Park Run (Race)
Saturday (AM) Bike – Easy ride
Sunday (AM) Long easy run
Sunday (AM/PM) Swimming – Open Water Swim Practice (Different location due to course in use)