Training This Week

I read a great article this week discussing how many miles/kilometers you need to run per week to race in a 5K. The answer was a simple statement of run as little as you need to.  I like to add, “run as little as you need to achieve your goals”. When you clock up lots of needless miles in the pursuit of a goal, you put yourself at more risk of an overuse injury and needlessly hitting the pavement with no specific training regimen is a recipe for misguided and pointless training.

This is also another good reason for cross training or training like a triathlete whereby this type of training replaces the majority of your easy recovery runs with cycling and swimming, thereby preventing entering into the zone of over training on running alone. Not to mention all the other benefits of strengthening complimentary muscle groups that make you a better runner and healthier person overall.

Training this week is the last week of the Stage 3 harder training with the first 5K race the following week and some ocean swim races and the first of a 3 series mini-triathlon in the coming weeks too. The idea here is to give one last hard push on the training and then ease back into more of a maintenance and racing mode.

This Week

My training paces for this week are based upon a recent race time of 17:55 for a 5K race

Pace/1Km Pace/400m Pace/200m
Threshold 3:51 1:32 0:46
Interval 3:32 1:25 0:42
Reps 3:17 1:19 0:39
Day Training
Monday (AM/PM) Swimming

  • 350m warm up
  • 6x50m drill sets (10 sec rests)
  • 7x100m intervals pace (60 sec rests)
  • 6x50m sprint intervals set (20 sec rests)
  • 10×25 kick set (15 sec rests)
  • 350m cool down
Tuesday (AM) Running – 6 sets of (4mins @ Interval Pace with 3min jogs)
Tuesday (PM) Calisthenics
Wednesday (AM) Bike – 1 Hour including 8 sets of (1min hard with 2 mins easy)
Wednesday (PM) Swimming

  • 350m warm up
  • 6x50m drill sets (10 sec rests)
  • 6x200m easy pace (10 sec rests)
  • 4x100m easy pace (5 sec rests)
  • 350m cool down
Thursday (AM) Running

  • 20mins @ Threshold pace with 4mins easy pace
  • 15mins @ Threshold pace with 3mins easy pace
  • 10mins @ Threshold pace with 2mins easy pace
  • 5mins @ Threshold pace
Thursday (PM) Calisthenics
Friday (AM) Bike – Ride 1 Hour 20 Minutes including 28 minutes @ threshold pace
Friday (PM) Swimming

  • 350m warm up
  • 6x50m drill sets (10 sec rests)
  • 4x200m threshold pace (30 sec rests)
  • 8x25m sprints (10 sec rests)
  • 10×25 kick set (15 sec rests)
  • 350m cool down
Saturday (AM) Bike – Foundation Ride 1 Hour 45 Minutes
Saturday (AM) Running – 400m @ Rep pace with 400m jogs – no more than 10
Sunday (AM) Long easy run
Sunday (AM) Open water swim

  • 300m warm up
  • 1500m easy