Training This Week

The week just completed was a bit of a mixed bag. Training for running and swimming was all fine but the cycling was basically incomplete for the week. Main culprit, I was feeling tired. So, what approach should you take if you’re feeling over tired? Do you keep training through it or listen to your body? I listened to my body and took it a bit easier. A slightly lower week at any stage of the season is not a big deal. I operate on the principal that you loose nothing in your fitness even if you took a complete break for 2 weeks. So a couple of easy days if you’re feeling tired is a very good approach.

Avoid over-training at all costs, it can take a huge effort to come back from this.

This week is again a more traditional weekly structure with 4 or 5 sessions for each discipline.


  • 5K Road Race – Jan 10th – Time: 18:30 (too slow!!)
  • Ocean Swim Race – Jan 14th – Changed to Jan 18th
  • 5K Road Race – Jan 17th – Time: 18:30
  • 1K Ocean Swim Race – Jan 18th – Time: 21:00
  • Sprint Triathlon – Jan 27th – 3rd for Masters, 12th overall, Time 54:55
  • 5K Road Race – Feb 4th – Time: 17:49
  • Sprint Triathlon – Feb 10th – 3rd for Masters, 10th overall, Time 52:38
  • Sprint Triathlon – Mar 3rd

This Week

My training paces for this week are based upon a recent race time of 17:49 for a 5K race

Pace/1Km Pace/400m Pace/200m
Threshold 3:50 1:32 0:46
Interval 3:31 1:25 0:42
Reps 3:16 1:19 0:39
Day Training
Monday (AM) Bike – 1 Hour 20 mins including 5 sets of 3mins hard with 3min easy recoveries
Monday (PM) Swimming

  • 200m warm up
  • 4x50m drill sets (10 sec rests)
  • 6x25m sprint pace (15 sec rests)
  • 6x50m sprint pace (15 sec rests)
  • 4x25m sprint pace (10 sec rests)
  • 4x50m sprint pace (10 sec rests)
  • 200m cool down
Tuesday (AM) Running – 30mins at Threshold pace
Wednesday (AM) Bike – 1 Hour easy ride
Wednesday (PM) Swimming – Repeat Monday PM session
Thursday (AM/PM) GDS Running Training (Will explain this in another blog post)
Friday (AM) Bike – 1 Hour 20 mins including 2 x 10mins @ threshold pace (35km/h)
Friday (PM) Swimming – Repeat Monday PM session
Saturday (AM) Running

  • 3 x 1K @ Threshold pace with 3min jog recoveries
  • 6 x 200m @ Rep pace with 200m jog recoveries
  • 3.2KM acceleration run – increase pace by 5 seconds every 400m to end up at 1:20 for last 400m. First 400m = 2:00.
Saturday (AM) Bike – 1 Hour 20 mins easy
Sunday (AM) Long easy run
Sunday (AM/PM) Swimming – Repeat Monday PM session