This is the second week of Stage 4 training. Interestingly, I’ve cut it a bit short for this focus but so long as I don’t overdo any training sessions from here on in, I’ll be fit and ready to peak for my target race in 2 weeks. Of note, the threshold run on Tuesday is 30 minutes. Because this is a bit longer than normal, I can reduce the required pace from 3:46 per km to 3:50 per km (or slower). The longer threshold runs are always quite enjoyable because the stead nature of them and just getting out and running at a pace that’s not too tough for a change!! The other interesting run this week is an acceleration run which starts out easy and finishes hard. Using a 400m track, the times decrease by 5 seconds per lap finishing with the last lap at interval pace (1:23 for 400m). This is another neat workout that’s very enjoyable.

The other interesting feature this week is that I can start using an outdoor 50m pool for my swimming. This will mean any drills or sets where the distance is 25m will need to be halved and done as a 50m set, i.e. 6×25 kick set becomes 3×50 kick set.

This Week

My training paces for this week are:

  • Reps: 1min 17secs per 400 meters
  • Intervals: 3mins 28secs per kilometer
  • Threshold: 3mins 46secs per kilometer (or slower)

This is taken from my estimate of 17:30 for a 5K race.

Day Training
Monday (PM) Bike – 28 mins of threshold level riding with total ride time made up to 1hour, 20mins.
Tuesday (PM) Running – 30 mins at threshold pace. Note: pace reduced to 3:50/km due to increased time (+4 seconds per k)
Wednesday (AM) Swimming

  • 250m warm up
  • 6x25m drill sets (10 sec rests)
  • 6x100m @ medium pace (5 sec rests)
  • 7x100m @ hard pace (30 sec rests)
  • 6x25m kick set
  • 250m warm down
Wednesday (PM) Bike – Steady ride, 1hour 15mins
Thursday (PM) Running

  • 4 x (200m @ rep pace with 200m jogs)
  • 3 x (1km @ interval pace with 2min jogs)
  • 2 x (400m @ rep pace with 400m jogs)
Friday (AM) Swimming

  • 250m warm up
  • 6x25m drill sets (10 sec rests)
  • 4x300m @ medium pace (30 sec rests)
  • 8x25m @ hard pace (20 sec rests)
  • 6x25m kick set
  • 250m warm down
Saturday (AM) Bike – Long ride, 2hours 15mins
Saturday (PM) Running

  • 4 x (1km @ threshold pace with 3min jogs)
  • 6 x (200m @ rep pace with 200m jogs)
  • 3.2km acceleration run. Each lap to decrease time by 5 secs with last lap at interval pace (1:23). So laps are:
    • 1:55
    • 1:50
    • 1:45
    • 1:40
    • 1:35
    • 1:33
    • 1:28
    • 1:23
Sunday (AM) Running – Long Easy Run – Approximately 70 minutes
Sunday (AM) Open water swim practice