When training for a race, one of the goals is to get to the race believing that you’ve put in the hard work and everything will go well on the day. One of the things you’ll notice is that training that used to be hard is easier and you feel fresh and ready to run faster. Try and bottle up that feeling and use it motivate and push yourself in the race and you’ve achieved part of the overall plan of training towards a date with a plan in mind.

Over the weekend, I was running threshold 1KM runs and every single one of them felt effortless. This is a sign that you’re also physically peaking and ready to race too. A minor taper and change in the training over the last few weeks to focus on threshold running was also key as it leaves you feeling a lot fresher.

So, this weeks training is another form of taper. Slightly less volume and nothing too tough. One of the things that works great is to do an easy run and finish with some stride outs. Stride outs are running done at a reasonably fast pace (imagine running a 1500 meter race) with good form for a distance of 50 to 80 meters. Just walk back to the start after each stride out and it leaves your legs (and mind) feeling fast after a slower easier run.

I’ll report back on how the race goes on the weekend!!

This Week

My training paces for this week are:

  • Reps: 1min 17secs per 400 meters
  • Intervals: 3mins 28secs per kilometer
  • Threshold: 3mins 46secs per kilometer (or slower)

This is taken from my estimate of 17:30 for a 5K race.

Day Training
Monday (PM) Bike – 2 x 12 mins of threshold level riding with total ride time made up to 1 hour.
Tuesday (PM) Running – 4 x (1.6Km with 2 min jogs) + 4 to 6 stride outs.
Wednesday (AM) Swimming

  • 250m warm up
  • 6x25m drill sets (10 sec rests)
  • 5x100m @ medium pace (5 sec rests)
  • 6x75m @ hard pace (45 sec rests)
  • 250m warm down
Wednesday (PM) Bike – Steady ride, 1 hour.
Thursday (PM) Running – 30 mins at easy pace with 4 to 6 stride outs on the end
Friday (AM) Swimming

  • 250m warm up
  • 6x25m drill sets (10 sec rests)
  • 2x200m @ medium pace (45 sec rests)
  • 250m warm down
Saturday DAY OFF