The last sprint triathlon is all done. Each event has seen a gradual improvement in times and overall the training has appeared to have been successful. From here, it’s time to prepare for the autumn and winter race season. This will include cross country running, road running, road bike races and duathlons.

All of these events and training are working towards gradual improvements in fitness and results.

How Long A Break Should You Take After Each Season?

The good news is that you lose no fitness when you take 2 weeks off. No fitness at all. So, depending on how you’re feeling should determine the break you need. I went for an easy bike ride today and definitely feeling a little bit tired so I’ll be doing some very light training this week, probably just biking to work, short swim technique sessions and an easy run.

My next set of blog posts will help you look at structuring an entire seasons plan. I’ll post my rough plans with some of my targets (including dropping my 5K run time back down to low 17’s) and give some guidance for anyone following these plans on how to best use mini training cycles within the bigger plan.


  • 5K Road Race – Jan 10th – Time: 18:30 (too slow!!)
  • Ocean Swim Race – Jan 14th – Changed to Jan 18th
  • 5K Road Race – Jan 17th – Time: 18:30
  • 1K Ocean Swim Race – Jan 18th – Time: 21:00
  • Sprint Triathlon – Jan 27th – 3rd for Masters, 12th overall, Time 54:55
  • 5K Road Race – Feb 4th – Time: 17:49
  • Sprint Triathlon – Feb 10th – 3rd for Masters, 10th overall, Time 52:38
  • Sprint Triathlon – Mar 3rd – 1st for Masters, 9th overall, Time 51:34