Training Week Of Jan 1st 2017

Training This Week I read a great article this week discussing how many miles/kilometers you need to run per week to race in a 5K. The answer was a simple statement of run as little as you need to.  I like to add, "run as little as you need to achieve your goals". When

Training Week Of Dec 25th 2016

Training This Week Christmas day is all done and I'm now on holiday so very flexible with my time. Having said that, the best approach for training is to make sure it's all done early on in the morning. I'm also planning in a few day trips for the holiday so if I continue

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Training Week Of Dec 18th 2016

Training This Week Another good week just gone for the swimming and running, not so great again for the cycling. The issue has been some very strong winds we have in the evenings which make cycling either dangerous or unbearable. So, with this in mind, I need to shuffle around my training to try

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Training Week Of Dec 11th 2016

Training This Week Stage 3 training is in full swing now. The intervals, threshold and reps last week all went really well. One of the tougher sessions mentally is running a 40min threshold run (last week). Towards the 30min mark, you start fighting your own will just to stop and call that amount of

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Training Week Of Dec 4th 2016

5K Race Report I raced yesterday in a local park run just to see how my training has been going recently. After taking a couple of wrong turns in the event (only minor impact), I raced to a time of 18:13. I'm calling it a "just under 18 minutes" result based upon the wrong

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Training – Post Race – Nov 27th 2016

Race Report The race yesterday went pretty well. The biggest issue I had with doing my first triathlon was not knowing how hard to push it. A few weeks prior, I took part in a duathlon and almost overdid the cycling part of the event. Following on from this experience I held back a little

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Training – Race Week – Nov 20th 2016

When training for a race, one of the goals is to get to the race believing that you've put in the hard work and everything will go well on the day. One of the things you'll notice is that training that used to be hard is easier and you feel fresh and ready to run faster. Try and

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Training Week Of Nov 13th 2016

This is the second week of Stage 4 training. Interestingly, I've cut it a bit short for this focus but so long as I don't overdo any training sessions from here on in, I'll be fit and ready to peak for my target race in 2 weeks. Of note, the threshold run on Tuesday is 30 minutes.

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Training Week Of Nov 6th 2016

This is the first week of Stage 4 training. The primary focus for Stage 4 is threshold running. Any interval pace workouts should be secondary and make up less of the focus for training now. We've done a couple of progression runs for the long weekend run and turned the last 6 to 10 mins into a

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Training Week Of Oct 30th 2016

This is the last week of Stage 3 training. The week just completed went pretty well. I had to shift one of the sessions due to bad weather and cut short a couple of sessions but overall, a well completed week concluding with a solid set of sessions today. I turned this mornings long run into a

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