Can You Replace Runs With Swimming and Cycling?

An important part of being a runner is keeping a total for the number of miles/kilometres you run each week or your weekly mileage. The question I asked myself was "can you replace runs with swimming and cycling?", and if you can, what do they contribute to my weekly mileage total? The primary reasons for measuring your weekly mileage total:

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Can Stress Lead To A Bad Race?

This weekend, I was due to race in our club road champs. A short low stress 7Km race that through different reasons I'd never won before. My preparation wasn't entirely bad this year. I was fit, although not as race fit as I could be, but expected to do well enough to push for the win. However, the

5K Training The Long Run

The long run is a great piece of your training regimen. It builds endurance, mental toughness and sometimes just getting out there and having a run that's enjoyable is a must. This morning, I went for a run with some of the team I'm training. Just over an hour on the hills and through shingle, snow

Treadmill Pace Conversion Table

The Treadmill Pace Conversion Table provides a table to convert treadmill speeds into equivalent running training paces and zones. In addition to the pace conversion, it is advisable to have the incline at either 1% or 2% to better simulate the wind resistance that you would normally experience outdoors. For more information on training on

Setting Goals For Your 5K Training

Setting goals for your 5K training is really important. Lately I've been answering a lot of questions on Quora and Reddit from people asking questions like: How can I train for my first 5K run when I don't run? What is a training schedule to run a 5K? How long does it take to train for

Running, Music and Stride Rate – What’s The Connection?

Music I absolutely love running while listening to music. I actually like riding my bike with music too although that can be a little bit dangerous so don't necessarily recommend it as you're travelling at a lot higher speed and need more awareness of your surroundings. The downside with the music while running is personal risk of

Gear Review – Socks and Shoes

The Best Running Socks (Ever) Ok, that might be an exaggeration but having tried a lot of socks over the years, I settled on a brand and style that suited my needs. We all get the odd blister, might be due to toes rubbing together or badly fitting shoes, or maybe you like compression socks to help

Core Strength Routine

An important part of any running program is a core strength routine. This consists of strengthening muscles around your core such as your abdominal region. With a good strong core, you'll avoid any twisting motion during your running meaning better efficiency, less wasted energy and certainly avoiding a sore lower back. Have you ever seen someone

Common Running Injuries

Unfortunately running injuries are a part of being a runner. How to avoid them is an entire subject on it’s own but to start off, make sure you follow a standard run routine. This will ensure you’re properly warmed up and performing some good drills to help your running style and general core strength. So

Training For 5K On A Treadmill

Some people dread running on a treadmill and have nicknamed it the “dreadmill”. Training for 5K on a treadmill does however have its place, whether that’s getting indoors on freezing and dangerous conditions, through to setting a good and correct speed for the specific training you’re doing and sticking to it. As runners, we have a