Training Week Of Nov 13th 2016

This is the second week of Stage 4 training. Interestingly, I've cut it a bit short for this focus but so long as I don't overdo any training sessions from here on in, I'll be fit and ready to peak for my target race in 2 weeks. Of note, the threshold run on Tuesday is 30 minutes.

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Training Week Of Nov 6th 2016

This is the first week of Stage 4 training. The primary focus for Stage 4 is threshold running. Any interval pace workouts should be secondary and make up less of the focus for training now. We've done a couple of progression runs for the long weekend run and turned the last 6 to 10 mins into a

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Training Week Of Oct 30th 2016

This is the last week of Stage 3 training. The week just completed went pretty well. I had to shift one of the sessions due to bad weather and cut short a couple of sessions but overall, a well completed week concluding with a solid set of sessions today. I turned this mornings long run into a

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Training Week Of Oct 23rd 2016

Two more weeks of Stage 3 training. I'm seeing some good improvements though and feeling stronger. This week is no exception with some more specialised bike rides to prepare for a triathlon that's coming up in a few weeks. Some open water swims have been thrown in too just to get accustomed to a new

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Training Week Of Oct 16th 2016

Stage 3 training has been fairly tough the last couple of weeks and definitely the stage that I'm looking forward to being finished. Still, only half way through it and certainly seeing some improvements in speed and general fitness. The toughest sessions have been on the Saturday afternoon after a big bike ride in the

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Training Week Of Oct 9th 2016

Stage 3 training is well underway with a couple of tough sessions in the week prior. A fantastic 400m reps session on Saturday afternoon (thanks Carwyn!!) and feeling very good about the results there. The cycling last week was badly rain effected and we seem to have some very variable rain forecasts so I'm planning

Training Week Of Oct 2nd 2016

So the lesson from last weeks training is to be adaptable. Some of the sessions had to be cut a bit shorter than was planned due to feeling like I might have been pushing it too hard. This is an important lesson to learn. How far should you push yourself with training? My philosophy is

Training Week Of Sept 25th 2016

After a reasonably successful duathlon today, my legs are still feeling pretty good. Just as well as I'm back to a full(ish) week of training this week and switching over into Stage 3 training. This means more of a focus on interval paces and distance sessions. The main purpose of the interval training is related to

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Eating Your Own Dog Food

We have a saying in the computer software development industry of "eating your own dog food". Doesn't sound very pleasant but essentially it's about putting your money where your mouth is or using your own products and experiencing what everyone else has to use. The same should apply for running training. Unless you can say you've actually experienced

How Important Is Your Running Form?

When training, running and racing, how important is your running form? You've all seen that runner who has great form and seems to effortlessly glide along. There's no mistake that a great running form not only looks great but more importantly, it can help improve your running times and reduce the risks of injury. What

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