Running for Fun!!

It can be pretty easy to loose sight of why you run sometimes. Often we run because we're committed to achieving a goal or just staying fit but surely the core value should be because you enjoy it? If you're not running for fun at any point in your training then it's time to get

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Cross Country Training & Racing for 5K Strength Gains

Cross country running is a tough form of running. Energy sapping running at it's best (or worst!!) often in muddy or sandy conditions, up small mounds or big hills. Sometimes the weather conditions are cold or wet and generally just all round challenging. To train for this form of running, you need to spend time

Best Treadmills Reviews

One of the reasons you might purchase your own treadmill is to avoid having to train at the gym on potentially outdated, broken down treadmills that are supposed to be commercial grade. More often than not, the treadmills at gyms also have time limits on them or speed limiters meaning you can't get an appropriate run

Preparing Your Running Training For A Long Period

When you've finished a large block of training, you need to reflect on what worked well and what didn't. This means you need to keep good records of what issues arose during the training period with fitness, health, training availability/interruptions, and ultimately the results of the training. It never hurts to experiment a little with your training

Summer 2017 Training and Racing Wrap Up

The last sprint triathlon is all done. Each event has seen a gradual improvement in times and overall the training has appeared to have been successful. From here, it's time to prepare for the autumn and winter race season. This will include cross country running, road running, road bike races and duathlons. All of these events

Final Week of Training For Summer 2017

The days are still warm here but the amount of sunlight has certainly decreased. Early morning runs and bike rides are taking place in the dark and certainly a sign of pending autumn and winter. This is the last week of training leading up to the last event for summer. Post this, there's some fun relays

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Training Week Of Feb 19th 2017

Training This Week The week just completed was a bit of a mixed bag. Training for running and swimming was all fine but the cycling was basically incomplete for the week. Main culprit, I was feeling tired. So, what approach should you take if you're feeling over tired? Do you keep training through it or

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Training Week Of Feb 12th 2017

Training This Week Last week saw the second of my sprint triathlons done and a good improvement on the previous effort by over 2 minutes. I had a similar issue again with calf muscle cramp and on discussion with some other tri-athletes, my pedal foot position seems to be at fault. Something to work

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Training Week Of Feb 5th 2017

Training This Week Some good training this week and a good result in the Parkrun 5K, clocking up a 17:49 for the run in very pleasant conditions. This week sees the second triathlon from the sprint triathlon series so another week of mini-taper with some basic threshold running, cycling and a shorter speed session

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Training Week Of Jan 29th 2017

Training This Week The first sprint triathlon is done and dusted. A pleasing 3rd place for masters men and 12th overall. Even more pleasing was seeing my son back competing after some time off. He's a vastly superior swimmer than me and put 2 1/2 minutes on me over just 400m so I had

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